The Community Pull It Out Of The Bag for Kenya

Students from Ashton Park School visit Kenya each summer as part of an Inspiration Expedition. They help build classrooms, enabling children to receive an education, and they take much-needed supplies with them when they go.

Back in March we asked for help with making cloth tote bags to take to Kenya, as plastic bags are banned there. The children have many uses for these bags, including carrying their school books, keeping their clothes in or for carrying food and supplies. We had a fantastic  community response and the students were able to take over 400 bags with them, allowing all the children and some of the teachers and families to receive one! Needless to say, they were absolutely delighted with them, as the pictures show.  A HUGE thank you to everyone that was involved!

The project will run again next year, so please keep collecting or making them if you would like to – full details here:

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