Teacher & Staff Membership – What does it mean to be a member?

How to get involved:

  • Get involved in Staff Voice to share your views and those of your peers
  • Give your time and expertise to support community learning projects
  • Share your knowledge and expertise with your colleagues across the four partner schools and help raise standards for all
  • Give your time to mutually help and support colleagues in need of a sounding board and advice
  • Give your time and expertise to extra-curricular activities that you don’t get a chance to share through your day-to-day teaching

What could you get out?

  • A deeper understanding of subject and leadership
  • Development of leadership skills as well as time to reflect on one’s own development.
  • Development of essential coaching skills
  • Great satisfaction from introducing people to new, interesting and exciting pastimes
  • The satisfaction of working for an employer where your voice counts