Co-operative Identity Mark

A new benchmarking standard, the Co-operative Identity Mark (CIM), has been developed by the Co-operative College and the Schools Co‑operative Society to support schools in embedding the values within all aspects of their work. It provides a ‘quality’ framework for continued development which incorporates elements of peer support and practice-sharing with other co-operative schools. The CIM is validated and quality assured by The Co-operative College.

Co-operative Identity Mark

The Mark helps capture information about the benefit the school provides to the wider community and addresses key areas of the school’s work, focusing particularly on governance, curriculum, pedagogy, staff development and community engagement.

A member of staff in each of our partner schools acts as a Co-operative Identity Mark Lead – all four Leads are working together to complete their assessments.

Ashton Park School

It’s official, Ashton Park school has scored Established in four areas: Self-Help, Self-Responsibility, Democracy and Equality, which gives an overall grading of Established  for the Co-operative Identity Mark. The school was particularly strong in the areas of Equity and Solidarity, being marked as leading for both!

This is a tremendous, whole-school effort and we are very proud of how everyone has embraced the co-operative ethos and how the values and principles of the co‑operative movement are included in many aspects of school life.

Nick John (Headteacher) and Debbie Scroggs (CIM Lead) recently collected an award and certificate of our achievements and this is displayed in our school reception.

CIM assessor report form – Ashton Park School (1)

Debbie Scroggs, CIM Lead and Co-operative Learning Co-ordinator at Ashton Park School

Debbie has also conducted a peer review for two other co-operative schools: St Clere’s in Essex and Lipson College in Plymouth.






Ashton Vale, Compass Point and Luckwell Primary Schools

All our primary schools are working together to complete their CIM assessments.

Lucy Green, CIM Lead at Ashton Vale Primary School

Matt Perkins, CIM Lead at Compass Point

Matt Perkins, CIM Lead at Compass Point