The Museum Of The Moon comes to Ashton Park School

The Museum of the Moon by artist Luke Jerram

After wowing audiences at the Commonwealth Games in Australia and touring India with the British Council this spring, the Museum of the Moon is now returning to Bristol.

Measuring seven metres in diameter, the moon features 120dpi detailed NASA imagery of the lunar surface. At an approximate scale of 1:500,000, each centimetre of the internally lit spherical sculpture represents 5km of the moon’s surface.  In 2017 the Moon was presented at the University of Bristol where over 16000 visitors came to see the artwork over just one weekend. This time the artwork will be presented at Ashton Park Secondary School, raising money to improve sound and lighting facilities in the main school hall.

Museum of the Moon is a touring artwork by UK artist Luke Jerram. Luke is known in the city for the giant water slide he installed down Park Street and more recently his installation of street pianos he placed across the city for everyone to play.  The installation is a fusion of lunar imagery, moonlight and surround sound composition created by BAFTA and Ivor Novello award winning composer Dan Jones.

The endless funding cuts imposed to frontline services from central government are impacting all our children. It’s great to be able to do what I can to support my local secondary school, to help try and counter the impact of this. I hope the artwork will inspire the children of the school to have an interest in both arts and science.Luke Jerram, Artist and Ashton Park parent

The artwork will be presented from Thursday 5th July until Sunday 8th July.  More information and links to book tickets for the event can be found here:

Ashtonian newsletter goes digital!

The first ‘digital edition’ of the Ashtonian newsletter was launched this month.  It’s the end of an era for the printed Ashtonian, but we embrace new technologies and a greener future for the publication.


  • The index on the front page automatically links to the relevant page
  • There are live web links within the content, including a link to book tickets for the Museum of the Moon
  • The Ashtonian can also be reached at its new home in the banner menu of the school website:

To view The Ashtonian Summer 2018 edition, click here:

Handfuls of Harmony spring concert

Handfuls of Harmony Choir was set up by the South West Bristol Co-operative Learning Trust and encompasses the adult core choir, seven primary school choirs and a Family & Friends choir which adults and children can attend together.

All choirs will be singing on Sunday 29 April in two performances. Please come along and support them in what promises to be an uplifting event. Tickets available on the door or from Ashton Gate, Ashton Vale, Compass Point, Luckwell, Parson St, St Mary Redcliffe or Southville Primary schools.

See the poster for more details or go to:


Bags for children in Kenya

Since 2003, Ashton Park School have organised an annual expedition to build classrooms and provide educational materials and training in Kenya and Tanzania. The expedition ethos is based upon the values of team work, empathy and cooperation and students who take part learn a lot about themselves as well as the wider world they live in.

Plastic bags are now banned in Kenya (,  so as part of the 2017 expedition, and in collaboration with a Bristol based charity called Maji Safi Projects, Ashton Park textiles students made cloth tote bags to take and hand out to the children. The children were delighted with these bags as they have many uses for them, including using them as school bags or for storing their clothes in.

In 2017 the expedition took just 40 bags with them, but in 2018, we aim to make even more of a difference to children’s lives. If you can help, by making or donating a cloth bag, Ashton Park School would love to receive them.

Bag specification

The bag must:

  • Be well made and strong
  • Be suitable for a child to use, ideally unisex
  • Be no bigger than 50cm x 40cm

Bags can be made from old sheets, duvet covers, or clothing. Or you can buy a bag from Hobbycraft for just 50p for decorating.  Different techniques such as fabric paints, appliqué, embroidery, beading or tie-dying can be applied. The bag could have a game printed on it, such as snakes and ladders, with a pocket inside containing dice and counters. Alternatively, the bag could display the alphabet, or numbers for the younger children. Be as creative and imaginative as you like.


Bags need to be handed in to Ashton Park School by Friday 22 June 2018 as they will be taken to Kenya the following week.

For a ‘How to’ guide on sewing your own bag, please see the slide show here:


Community Clothing Collection


Ashton Park School are collecting clothes for Kenya. Donations of the following items are needed:

Baby, Children, Teenager and Adults Clothing, including warm and waterproof items; Belts; Handbags; Clean Quilt Covers & Blankets; Warm Hats; Paired Gloves; Cloth bags. Particularly needed: Teenage / adult bras and good quality shoes (tied together please).

Donations will be sorted and transported to the families of children at Inspirations School, Kenya. Spare clothing will be sold to Bristol Textiles Recycling who will send useful clothing to other parts of the world where there is a shortage. Raised funds will go towards the project in Kenya.


ASHTON PARK SCHOOL – now until Fri 23 Mar

LUCKWELL PRIMARY – Mon 12 to Thurs 15 Mar­­­

COMPASS POINT PRIMARY – Weds 14 & Thurs 15 Mar only

ASHTON VALE PRIMARY – Mon 19 to Fri 23 Mar

FFI see:

New Handfuls of Harmony Choir Term Starts Soon

Handfuls of Harmony, the community choir set up by the South West Bristol Co-operative Learning Trust, starts its new term this month.

Why not come along on Thursday 22nd February 2018 for a FREE, no obligation taster session. No need to register, please just turn up. If you enjoy it, and want to continue for the term, the cost will be £50 for the eight weeks.  Open to adults of all ages, no experience is needed – we learn songs by ear, have fun and make a great sound together.

The term runs from Thurs 22nd Feb to Thurs 26th April with a break for Easter. (Rehearsal dates: 22nd Feb / 1st, 8th 15th & 22nd March / 12th, 19th & 26th April.) Rehearsals are held in E Block at Ashton Park School.

We will end the term with a performance on Sun 29th April 2018 at St Paul’s Church, Southville.

For more information, please go to:

Handfuls of Harmony Autumn Concert

 Please come along and support our wonderful inter-generational choir in their autumn concert. Tickets available on the day on the door, or in advance from the following schools: Ashton Gate, Ashton Vale,  Compass Point, Luckwell, Parson St, St Mary Redcliffe or Southville Primaries.

See poster for full details.

Cameron Balloons rise to the challenge

A huge thank you to Cameron Balloons in Bristol for repairing our play parachute free of charge, benefiting the children across all four of our schools.

Here it is being played with at our ‘French morning’ – an annual event held at Ashton Park School when children from local primary schools experience French-themed games and ordering refreshments in a French café.

My Wild Bedminster

Organisations in Greater Bedminster / BS3 have been working with Avon Wildlife Trust on their My Wild City project since 2016. Matt Collis from Avon Wildlife Trust will be editing special newsletters on wildlife about once a month. This is the first….

September sees the inevitable close of summer and the dawn of autumn. It’s a fantastic month for wildlife in gardens as many creatures make the most of the remaining nectar-filled flowers and the abundant fruits and nuts.


Having hidden away for most of August, garden birds return with freshly grown feathers and are looking their absolute best. They are much more active and vocal again with bird song heard most mornings. Be prepared to hear some weird-sounding songs! Young birds spend September trying to learn what they’re supposed to sound like and many will be out of tune for at least a few weeks!

Dripping with hips and berries, hedgerows are a hive of activity with everything taking advantage of the fruity bounty and are a great place to go looking for wildlife, particularly for moths and hoverflies.

Spiders are very active in the autumn and much more visible as wet weather reveals their intricate webs. Although not everyone’s favourite animal, spiders come in all kind of beautiful shapes and colours. Look out for the classic-shaped orb web of the Common Garden Spider or the bright green body of a Cucumber Spider hanging in hedges and shrubs. They do a wonderful service of keeping flies at bay so be sure to say thank you as you walk by.

Thanks to Finbar Cullen for confirming sightings of the squirrel colony in Victoria Park. Where else in BS3 can they be spotted?

Also, we are still interested in sightings of foxes, hedgehogs, slow worms, diplodocus or anything else that you spot. We’ll be sending soon for your more detailed records of creatures found in gardens, parks and other places throughout the year.

Plant of the month

Teasel (Dipsacus fullonum)
This tall tower of a plant remains beautiful long after it’s purple flowers stop and many other plants have begun to wilt. Its spiky egg-shaped seed heads are packed full of seeds which garden birds love! The teasel is a favourite of the goldfinch whose bill is perfectly shaped to pick out the individual seeds. Spiders love it too, often building webs between the long flower stalks which can make for a lovely photo.

The teasel is a perfect ‘quiet corner’ plant needing pretty much no management at all. Collect one seed head this month and store over winter. In the spring, remove the seeds from the head and spread over the soil where you’d like the plant to grow. If it spreads too widely, simply dig out the plants you don’t want.

Feed Bristol

Why not visit the wildflower nursery at Feed Bristol to learn more about gardening for wildlife? Avon Wildlife trust’s team of experts will help you pick the right plants for you and to help the wildlife in your back garden. See you there! Feed Bristol, 158 Frenchay Park Road, Bristol, BS16 1HB.


Greater Bedminster Community Partnership want to include information from YOU about wildlife activities in your school, back garden, local park or wherever in BS3, so keep sending them to and Pictures and drawings too, please.

South Bristol Voice has been working closely with them on this project, so for even more news look at their monthly reports: