‘Barnaby Bear Dances Around the World’ Dance Fest

Luckwell, Compass Point and Ashton Vale joined pupils from nine other local Primary Schools to perform in the KS 1 Dance Fest. Ashton Park School welcomed over 750 year 1 & 2 pupils over 3 days to showcase the dances they have been working on during their curriculum time. Organised by Ashton Park School Sport Partnership, this is always a very popular annual event in the calendar. Audiences were wowed with fantastic performances of Welsh, African, Hawaiian, Spanish, Cowboy, Indian, Penguin and Carnival Dance where the children were dressed in an array of colourful costumes.

Even the adults joined in enthusiastically with the mass warm up  to ‘Egyptian Reggae’ music. We had some very mature and confident year 7 dance leaders assisting with meeting and greeting and leading the warm up. They fondly remembered when they too performed in the Dance Fest when they were that age.

I wonder what the theme will be next year!

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